Rhythm Nutrition supports holistic health by keeping customers moving

Yasir and Maya Qureshi were living hectic lives working in banking and finance, building a house and welcoming a new baby into the world, when Yasir suddenly became tormented by chronic pain.

“It happened almost overnight,” he said. “I was living with chronic pain in my muscles and jointsโ€”as if I was waking up to having run a marathon the previous day, every single day. I had to give up running and Brazlian Jiu Jitsu, which had a massive impact on my physical and mental well-being.”

After years of doctor visits and blood tests, with no clue as to the cause of the condition, the couple started looking at lifestyle changes.

“We realized he was over-stressed and his body was inflamed,” Maya told NutraIngredients. “He cut out gluten, which really helped him feel better, and we started to introduce anti-inflammatory ingredients from Ayurvedic medicineโ€”something I know a lot about having grown up in India.”

She said Yasirโ€™s symptoms further improved after taking turmeric and ginger smoothies daily.

“Once he was feeling better, he was able to start moving again and this was the real turning point in his health improving,” she added. “It made us realizeย the importance of remaining active for physical and mental health, and we wanted to help others to get access to a product that we felt could help so many people struggling with inflammatory conditions.”

A three-pronged approachโ€‹

Rhythm Nutrition Deflame

After being made redundant during her maternity leave, Maya decided to stay out of banking and finance and devote her time and redundancy pay out to a new venture.

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