Seed Health targets womenโ€™s health with new vaginal synbiotic

The VS-01 vaginal synbiotic is formulated with an ecology of three proprietary strains of Lactobacillus crispatusโ€‹, which were identified from over 600 candidate probiotic strains for their superior efficacy in maintaining regulated pH and promoting stability in vaginal health.

Leveraging Dr. Ravel’s discoveries, VS-01 is formulated with L. crispatusโ€‹ LUCA103, LUCA011 and LUCA009, each identified for key genomic features that confer stability in the vaginal environment, according to a press release from Seed.

“During my more than two decades of research in this field, I’ve seen countless consumer products that fail to address the unique needs of the vaginal microbiome,” Dr. Ravel said. “Many probiotics aimed at vaginal health utilize gut strains or are administered as oral supplements, ignoring that these methods do not direct the microbes from the GI tract to the vagina.ย 

“I am inspired to see Seed pioneer a new frontier in vaginal health, translating my research from the lab into innovations that make a real difference in women’s lives.”

Beyond consumer applications, Seed Health is working with Dr. Ravel under LUCA Biologics to develop live biotherapeutics targeting the vaginal microbiome for unmet needs in urogenital and reproductive health.

“This launch represents the very essence of why we founded Seed: to translate pioneering microbiome discoveries into life-changing health innovations,โ€ said Ara Katz, Seed Health co-founder and co-CEO.

โ€œAs a woman and a mother, it is especially meaningful to accelerate advancements in an area that has been so deprioritized and systemically overlooked. The vaginal microbiome is the next frontier in womenโ€™s health, and VS-01 embodies its vast potentialโ€”an entirely new paradigm of care that empowers greater agency over our bodies.โ€

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