SunActive studies impact of emulsified microsomal iron in pregnancy

This is an important area of study, since iron deficiency is a significant global health problem, especially for pregnant women. New approaches are needed because traditional iron treatments can come with many negative side effects.

After the intervention, the researchers found that subjectsโ€™ serum ferritin levels [which are directly related to the amount of iron in the body] increased 6.61-fold. Serum iron also increased by 46.9%. Adverse symptoms like irritability and heartburn were reduced while subjects reported less overall fatigue.

โ€œSunActiveย Fe supplementation can serve as aย choice of therapy for IDA in pregnancy, both therapeutically and prophylactically,โ€ the researchers wrote.

Towards more tolerable treatmentsโ€‹

Anemia is marked by iron deficiency, reduced hemoglobin (Hb) levels and low red blood cell (RBC) countโ€‹. It presents a serious global health threat, especially for pregnant womenย because undetected and untreated IDA adversely affects fetal development and maternal health, with symptoms including pallor, fatigue and dizziness.

Anemia is also connected to complications like premature delivery, low birth weight (LBW), preeclampsia, postpartumย maternal sepsis, hemorrhage and maternal and child mortalityโ€‹.

IDA treatment includes oral and intravenous iron replacement. Oral iron salts like ferrous fumarate, gluconate and sulfate are widely used. However, long-term treatment is limited by changes in taste and gastrointestinal symptoms. A systematic review showed gastrointestinal side effects are the greatest challengeโ€‹.

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