SynBalance receives top scores for menopausal vaginal health ingredient

The Italian probiotic manufacturer’s combination ofย L. plantarumโ€‹-PBS067,ย L. rhamnosusโ€‹-LRH020 andย B.lactisโ€‹-BL050 bacterial strains haveย been shownย to exhibit antimicrobial activity against urogenital infections and bacterial vaginosis and restore the vaginal microbiota.

It has also been found to improve the relative abundance ofย Lactobacillusโ€‹ย to reduce inflammation and reverseย dysbiosis;ย a common occurrence in womenโ€™s health conditions such as menopause.

The expert judging panel saidย the product was chosenย because of its โ€˜clear and precise market positioning andย itsย continuous, ongoing drive to enhance the body of scientific evidence supporting the productโ€™s claims.โ€™

Silvia Castegnara, product manager at SynBalanceย Probioticsย told NutraIngredients at the awards ceremony in Geneva last week: โ€œWinning this award is a marker of validation of the importance of microbiome modulation in womenโ€™s health.โ€

Restoring vaginal microbiotaโ€‹

Menopause results in aย significant decline in estrogenโ€‹ย and progesterone levels, leading to increased incidence ofย irritating genital symptomsโ€‹.

Estrogen is crucial for glycogen productionย whichย providesย nutrients for lactobacilli growthโ€‹, which helps maintain vaginal homeostasis through various mechanisms. The reduction of lactobacilli as a result of oestrogen decline can lead to an increase in pathogenic species, and therefore aย rise in the vaginal pHโ€‹.ย 

Researchโ€‹ย conducted by SynBalance found that Femme wasย effectiveย inย the prevention ofย bacterial vaginosis (BV) recurrences, improved the restoration of a balanced microbiota, and promoted the growth of beneficial lactobacilli.

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