These Blueberry Oat Muffins Pack Extra Fiber & Antioxidants

These muffins, which are inspired by my favorite fictional human fruit, Violet Beauregarde, may not be big in stature, but they are big on blueberryโ€”which is the only size that matters, in my opinion. Whole blueberries are pureed into the batter and plopped throughout the muffins, allowing you to pack way more antioxidants into the mix without ending up with an overly wet, weighed-down muffin. You can use fresh fruit, but frozen blueberries, for whatever reason, hold their color better in the batter, which turns a lovely (dare I say . . .) violet hue. Noted earlier, muffins are, essentially, cupcakes with better branding. Even though these have less sugar and more fiber than most, they should be considered a treat.

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