Top tips for cognitive health innovation

Theย resourceโ€‹, created with product developers and marketeers in mind, noted multiple factors enhancing interest in brain boosting nutraceuticals, including fast-paced lifestyles, rising stress and fatigue, performance culture and the digital-age.

โ€œNot only has this ignited an intense interest in nootropics as a pathway to unlocking cognitive potential and nurturing brain health throughout life but also created a new world of innovation possibilities,โ€ said Elena Gromoboeva, global dietary supplements lead for brain health at dsm-firmenich. โ€œโ€ฆThe seeds of inspiration for the next generation of brain health solutions are sown by listening to the voice of the consumer, their needs and desires. Weโ€™ve leveraged digital intelligence to do just that and uncover insights that will help you unlock the next generation of brain health solutions.โ€

Through its own consumer health survey (2023) and proprietary social listening research, conducted by Brandwatchย (2022-2023), the firm identified the ingredients dominating the nootropics conversation, includingย magnesium, ashwagandha, B vitamins, omega-3s, lutein, lemon balm and ginkgo.

The report listed CBD, magnesium and melatonin as key ingredients linked to stress management, anxiety and sleep, with ashwagandha emerging for anxiety management and sleep support. Meanwhile, vitamins B and D maintain popularity in relation to energy and general health and mushrooms are emerging for their potential to boost energy and improve cognition.

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