Valensa positions saw palmetto for hair growth

According to Transparency Market Research, the hair supplements marketโ€‹ is projected to surpass $2.86 billion by 2031. The research firm also indicated that thereโ€™s an increased consumer preference for โ€œorganic, clean label and healthy chemical-free hair supplements for personal care, and nutraceutical industries [are] anticipated to trigger the growth of the hair supplements market.โ€

Moreover, some consumers are turning away from biotin (a water-soluble B vitamin) supplements to promote hair growth due to potential side effects including upset stomach, skin rashes and kidney problems, Transparency Market Research noted. However, demand is still there for solutions especially as excessive hair thinning became a problem during and post Covid-19, the research firm suggested.

For Valensa CEOย Umasudhan Palaniswamy,ย hair loss is personal struggle. He started losing his hair in his early 20s and tried everything from biotin to multivitamins to promote hair growth, but nothing helped, he said.

โ€œJust like plants without a healthy root system, watering it and adding nutrients like biotin or keratin wonโ€™t help if the root is gone,โ€ he said. โ€œOnce you lose your hair follicles, they’re gone. You don’t get them back. And the only options I had [at the time] were pharmaceutical drugs, which I didn’t want to take.โ€

How USPlusDerm worksโ€‹

The effectiveness of USPlusDerm is backed by scientific research which shows in an ex vivoโ€‹ model that the ingredient prevented the biochemical signaling that moves the hair out of the healthy growth phase, Palaniswamy said.

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