Vector Consumer provides full collagen portfolio with Dose & Co acquisition

The buyout follows its recent acquisition of Pura Collagen and is part of a bigger move to “disrupt the global consumer collagen space”, Matt Banks-Crompton, co-founder at Vector Consumer, told NutraIngredients,ย 

โ€œWe feel that there are distinct shopper types when it comes to collagen, and as a brand owner and as a company owner, we want to go to retailers with a collagen solution, which is not just restricted to one brand,โ€ he said.

Banks-Crompton explained that Vectorโ€™s strategy is to offer a “good, a better and a best” collagen, turning different demographics of shoppers into collagen consumers.

Collagen catalogโ€‹

Dose & Co is now the third collagen brand to join Vectorโ€™s catalog. The Newย Zealand-basedย brand, launched in 2019 by nutritionist Libby Matthews, includes a range of collagen peptide products mixed with various vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants.

The brand focuses on female wellness, and as Banks-Crompton explained, it’s the perfect brand to sit in the middle of the offering in terms of price, with an approximate cost of

Dose & Co collagen

ยฃ30/month. Theย newly acquired Pura Collagenโ€‹ย is Vectorโ€™s top-range collagen, offering condition-specific skin, immunity, sports recovery, menopause and sleep solutions.

The two lines join Vectorโ€™s existing collagen supplement brand Solv, which includes collagen gummies, gels, and powders at an accessible price point targeting the grocery-store shopper.ย ย Vector aims to โ€œdemocratize that side of the industry and try and create an entry into the market for people who have aspired to try collagen productsโ€.

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