Verb Biotics partners with Evogene to accelerate next-gen precision probiotics

The collaboration will focus on identifying and enhancing the currently unknown genetic pathways in microbes that support the production of novel metabolites, using Evogeneโ€™sย MicroBoost AIย tech-engine and Verb Bioticsโ€™ access to the genomes of various microbial strains, the companies shared in a statement.

โ€œPartnering with Evogene equips Verb Biotics with a powerful edge to revolutionize microbiome-driven health solutions,โ€ said Noah Zimmerman,ย chief technology officer at Verb Biotics. โ€œBy leveraging Evogeneโ€™s technology, we further streamline and de-risk our innovation pathway, prioritizing function-first approaches for optimal microbiome health.โ€

The financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Function first for precision bioticsโ€‹

Verb Biotics, a Boston-based synthetic biology spinout of biotech company Ginkgo Bioworks, launched in 2021 to develop probiotics, postbiotics and synbiotic solutions that deliver specific metabolites with targeted mechanisms of action in areas including digestive health, stress and mood, healthy aging, sports recovery and womenโ€™s health.

Instead of the traditional approach of starting with the potential benefits of an isolated bacteria, Verb Biotics first looks at function and investigates the potential mechanisms of action to achieve a desired physiological and psychological need state. It then selects microbes from its growing product library that generate these metabolites at levels that achieve targeted health outcomes.

In June 2023, the startup announced the acquisition of YSOPIA Bioscienceโ€™s strain library including bacteriumย Christensenella minutaโ€‹, which has demonstrated a potential role in regulating energy balance and metabolic homeostasis. It plans to launch its first commercial offering for food, beverage, and supplement brands in the coming year.

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