Virgo Rising: Key Traits, Compatibility, Top Careers & More

You may know your sun sign in astrology, but your rising sign can clue you in to how you show up in the worldโ€”and how other people perceive you.

a Gemini 10 houses usually they they say it’s like it’s writing, it’s teaching, just because just you know, think things like that. Anything that has to do though with with words, but even think of like coding, or architecture of all sorts because I think of Gemini is an Air sign that’s very, almost about like structure or, or, or building complicated, complicated structures in whatever way that that would be. But it’s computers, houses blueprints, journalism, research, all of this kind of stuff, anything associated with with communication. And probably, you could think of those kinds of careers and then the Virgo rising adds kind of an editorial organizationalย 

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