Zooca enters sports nutrition market with sustainable calanus omega-3

After launching its first products D2C in Norway in 2016, rolling out on a B2B basis in Europe and the US, and opening the worldโ€™s first purpose-built copepod facility in 2021, the company is extending its “ultra-sustainable” omega-3 sourced from microscopic zooplankton Calanus finmarchicusโ€‹.ย ย 

Marianne Mรฆhlum, Zooca’s chief marketing and innovation officer, told NutraIngredients that the sport variant, now available across Europe and the U.S., was a natural progression after their scientific research revealed sport-focused benefits.

A study published in 2022 concluded thatย Calanus oil supplementation during a four monthโ€‹ exercise training intervention in 55 elderly women improved maximum cardiac function (8%, measured by spiroergometry and PhysioFlow hemodynamic testing), insulin sensitivity (12.5%, measured by Hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic Clamp) and muscle strength (25%, according to arm curl and chair stand tests).

“When we put all those benefits together, we saw this has a positive impact on a lot of factors that are important for people that are looking to improve their physical sports performance,” Mรฆhlum said.

In addition to EPA and DHA, the product contains a โ€œfull spectrumโ€ of 40 different fatty acids, marine policosanols, zinc, andย vitamins B5 and B6ย to support energy levels, as well as vitamin D3, magnesium and astaxanthin to support muscle and bone structure.

Calanus finmarchicus

Calanus finmarchicusโ€‹ย is a species of copepod and a component of zooplankton, which is found in enormous amounts in the northern Atlantic Ocean. It has a life cycle of up to 1.5 years which ensures stable and fast reproduction.ย 

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